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If you are considering whether The Back and Neck Institute is right for you, we encourage you to read our Google Reviews and check out what our patients are saying about The Back and Neck Institute and our chiropractors, Dr. Steven Warfield and Dr. Brandon McAlister.

Feel free to visit our YouTube page for more patient testimonials

“The pain in my left wrist had continued for two months. It got so bad I could not use my left hand. My pain level when I came to the clinic was an 8. After the course of physical therapy my pain level has reduced to a 1.”

-- IuIuse Jarrett

“I was experiencing pain in my low back which radiated into my hips and legs. The worst problem was my sciatic nerve. The pain running down my right leg was intense. I could only stand for about two minutes. I have had pain for about six months and have not been able to exercise, shop, or do any activities that involved standing. I have had VAX-D, physical therapy, adjustments, and trigger point injections. My low back pain has decreased and my leg pain has also improved. This is a wonderful caring place to be. The staff has been wonderful. I will miss everyone and would recommend VAX-D to anyone.”

-- Judy Molique

“I was experiencing severe low back pain with pain in my legs and feet. I was unable to walk after sitting for 30 minutes. I could not sleep more then two hours a night due to the pain. I dreaded going to bed each night. On the pain scale I was a 10 out of 10. I had severe pain for about 2 ½ years until it finally got so bad and I was so worn out from lack of sleep I decided to have an MRI to see if I had any broken bones. After being evaluated the doctor determined VAX-D and therapy would help me. I was skeptical at first. But on the way home after the first treatment I could feel my toes. Now finishing the ordered treatment plan I feel completely better. My pain on the pain scale is now a 0. I sleep every night and feel great each morning. Everyone is so kind and knowledgeable about their jobs and it is a pleasure driving 75 miles to be treated. I cannot say enough about how happy I am with my results.”

-- Judy Koletar

“My low back pain has become a normal part of my life. For years it has been there. I thought I would just have to live with the pain forever. After receiving treatment at The Back and Neck Institute I now can do things I have not done in years. I’m enjoying a normal life. When I came in my pain was a 9 out of 10, now I’m glad to say it is a 2.”

-- Joe Johnson